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Orlando Onewheel – Wheel Wednesday Group Ride

Orlando Onewheel Wheel Wednesday Group Ride

Most people get excited about Taco Tuesday or Sushi Wednesday at Publix, I would be lying if I said I didn’t get frothed about Tacos too… but when it comes to Wheel Wednesday, this is an experience that Orlando Onewheel has curated being second to none. For me, it’s quite the commute coming from Cocoa Beach heading to Loch Haven Park for a group cruise but I love every minute of the drive.

Orlando Onewheel

Image Credit: @blackhartfilms – Orlando Onewheel

Turning into the parking lot, you come across more boards than you’ve ever seen in one place. From modified boards to bone stock, electric bikes or scooters, electric unicycles and even that homie on roller-skates (legendary dude), Wheel Wednesday is a community focused event bringing every walk of life together. Before the ride even starts, you find yourself deep in new conversation geeking out about other boards, riding stories and soaking the buzzing energy of excitement before the ride leader gets on the megaphone.

Video Credit: @blackhartfilms – Orlando Onewheel

As we leave the parking lot in an organized swarm of rideable vehicles, you feel like a part of a buzzing hive or birds migrating north. This feeling has to be why biker gangs exist, as you follow the lead through the weaving streets and terrain of Orlando with the group it is near impossible to wipe the stoke off your face. Being led through city streets, off-road trails and neighborhoods you pass so many sights and perfect riding locations that leave you itching for next Wednesday.

Orlando Onewheel Group Ride
Orlando Onewheel Group Ride
Orlando Onewheel Group Ride

Image Credit: @blackhartfilms – Orlando Onewheel

Highlighting areas of the beautiful city, my favorite part is stopping at the midway point with the entire group to stop for food, drinks and reloading some charge into everyone’s ride. This serves the group as a time to share stories and reflect on the terrain ridden, looking forward to the path that lies ahead… just make sure you don’t eat too many tacos!

Before I was introduced to Wheel Wednesday, I had never been exposed to such a feeling of community in electric rideable vehicles. You will find modified boards to try, new technology to trip out on and make new friends that leave lasting impacts on your life. There is never room for negative energy as the camaraderie built by Orlando Onewheel is tangible each and every Wednesday.

If you have yet to make it to a group ride, take this as your sign to call in sick or just bring the entire family! The entire car ride home, we are stoked out talking about the ride and the spots we hit, what we saw and what we felt. There is always a sense of safety in a group atmosphere like this, learning new techniques from others and overall improving your skills as a Onewheel rider. 

Image Credit: @orlandoonewheel – Instagram

Everyone is welcome, regardless of your ride type to enjoy this special event. The group ride leader knows the routes like the back of his hand, at times tweaking the route on the fly as per the group’s request. Although this is an organized event, it genuinely feels like another day hanging out with your closest friends, sharing the stoke and excitement of what brings us all together. 

Float on my friends!

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