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Ultimate Guide: Onewheel Accessories in 2023

Welcome to the Ultimate Onewheel Accessories Guide. Whether you’re a seasoned Onewheel rider seeking to fine-tune your board’s performance or a curious newcomer eager to float on your first journey, this comprehensive guide is your go to blog to stay up to date with the best Onewheel accessories currently available. Attempting to list every accessory would be a feat in itself, but we will do our best reviewing up to date accessories with links on where to purchase.

Over the course of this blog, we will delve into each facet of customization, from specialized tires for various terrains to footpads and upgraded rails that, enhancing comfort and control. The possibilities are as endless as the open road. So, let’s dive into a curated selection of the best Onewheel accessories that improve your ride.

Several of these products (noted on the blog) have undergone tons of riding and come highly recommended by Float Gang. Please note that certain links provided are affiliate links. This implies that we may earn an affiliate commission if you click on the link and complete a purchase, without any additional cost to you.


1. Onewheel Tires

According to seasoned Onewheel riders, the tire takes the spotlight as the primary modification for enhancing the riding experience. Many opt to exchange their stock tires for a grippy Enduro tire from The Float Life or a tire with a distinct soft compound, such as the Cloud tire from Craft & Ride. We believe this isn’t an immediate necessity, given the commendable endurance and dependability of the stock tires bring. But…

Nevertheless, if your preferences lean towards trail riding, racing Onewheel and a desire to elevate your Onewheel’s tire performance, consider these excellent alternatives:

future motion Tire

future motion Tire





That’s quite a variety of tire options, with different sizes, compounds, and treads to consider. Here are a few of our personal favorites from the list that we can vouch for: the Cloud Tire by Craft And Ride, the Street Pro 2 for the GT and the Enduro Tire from the Float Life. These options all have a soft compound for excellent grip and a comfortable ride. Of course, the fan-favorite Burris 11 x 6.0 Treaded tire for the Onewheel XR is always a reliable choice.

But, before you swap tires, you’ll need some tools like a Bead Breaker, a Tire Wrap Bead Seater and the Onewheel Tool. We also recommend tire protection, such as Armor Dilloz, to guard against punctures and flats. If you’ve encountered some rough terrains – salt water or sandy terrain, for instance – upgrading your bearings might be a smart move. Most of our boards sport Schaeffler FAG bearings, but we’ve got one with the TFL Grizzly bearings – incredibly smooth and notably speed-enhancing.

Want to add some style to your wheel? A set of Life Savers can transform your Onewheel’s appearance while shielding the hub from chips and cracks. Pro tip: Warm them up slightly in the oven or boiling water to make installation a breeze. And before you wrap things up, consider adding a personal touch with Titanium Axle Bolts by ProRide for that perfect finishing touch.

2. Onewheel Rails

What’s with the bent rails… Wondering if it’s worth upgrading your stock rails? The truth is, you don’t have to. All of these rails were specifically designed for racing Onewheels and to absolutely crush trails. 

However if you want to enhance the performance of your Onewheel, having a lower center of gravity gives you a more stable ride and the ability to take corners faster! You will be able to tackle those turns deeper, cut speed wobble and increase in stability without compromising clearance.

Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, these aftermarket Onewheel rails have the perfect balance between strength, weight, and heat dissipation. 

Just keep in mind, a small percentage of GT motor cables might be a tad shorter, creating excessive tension. If you happen to have one of these, the GT Motor Harness/Plug Retainer or the TFL Retention Clip comes in clutch. This ingenious retainer was developed to fix the emerging issue of broken plugs on the Onewheel GT.

You’re gonna want to protect those shinny new upgraded rails with some rail guards. Rail Guards are super sticky adhesive stickers that offer rail protection, making sure the aluminum sides on your Onewheel remain free from dings and scratches. They are also another great way to customize the look as they come in a variety of colors and styles. Craft and Ride even allows for you to fully customize your own!! It’s awesome!

You won’t need any tools to install these, just a steady hand. Make sure the holes in the Onewheel rails line up with the buttons and other features on your Onewheel, and you’re all set!

Here are some rail guard options:

Seeking extra clearance on your Onewheel? Want that added stability of upgraded rails without breaking the bank? Check out the Half and Half Axle Blocks by The Float Life or the VRH Variable Ride Height by Land Surf.

It’s all about the type of riding you’re into. Raising the rails with a lift kit increases clearance, helping you avoid scraping your nose or tail. This is crucial as scraping the tail downhill limits braking power due to friction, hindering your ability to tilt for effective braking.

On the flip side, lowering your board’s center of gravity boosts stability, particularly with bent rails, which enhance stability without compromising clearance. This means you can navigate rougher terrain at higher speeds, as dips and bumps are less likely to tip your board. Additionally, a drop kit can surprisingly improve drop handling, even for smaller drops, minimizing wobbles and enhancing landing confidence.

3. Onewheel Fenders

Future Motion claims that the Onewheel Fender is THE most popular Onewheel accessory in existence. And if you just got your Onewheel, this will likely be one of the first purchases you make. 

Onewheel fenders sit on top of the wheel and keeps all of the dirt and dust being kicked up by all of the awesome things you’re doing from getting onto your feet and the footpads.

We’ve gotta pay respect the creator of the first fender Jon Rambo at NJ Customs, who continues to provide the community with high quality carbon fiber fenders. 


TFL drop top fender

Fenders are incredibly easy to install. Unscrew the four screws that are on your board. Add the fender, then tighten the screws. Awesome third party companies such as Craft & Ride are now producing magnetic fenders that are just as strong. And their colorway options are endless. If there’s a color you want for your fender, chances are good you’ll be able to get it. 

They also make Onewheel Carbon Fiber Fenders. These are darn near indestructible and look super sleek on a fully customized board. The Float Life also created a hybrid fender for the Onewheel Pint, that the top can easily pop on or off. Rain or Shine baby, rain or shine!

Want to join the no fender gang?? Check out these options below to keep floating on without a fender:



Some riders prefer riding without a fender and to prevent dirt and debris to getting in your shoes or hitting your legs they install a smaller fender. 3DWay a Floater Shack brand has the biggest selection of these small low type of fenders. Our favorite is the Shorty Fender it’s a slick looking accessory and comes in a variety of colors to keep your board looking fresh.

So yeah, buy a fender already… It’s needed!

4. Onewheel Foot Pads

Footpads not only can change how your board looks, but they can also add comfort and decrease foot fatigue. However, foot fatigue is not going to instantly go away and the only way to destroy foot pain is to consistently ride. You will develop strength and fatigue will get better. A great tip is to carve and bend your knees as this will help relieve some of the pain.

A deep concave on the footpad can give you more control for when you are carving, shredding trails, or just trying to push your Onewheel to the limit. A flatter footpad is ideal for those moments when you are cruising around town, having a more laid-back time on your Onewheel.

OG Kush and Kush Hi footpads Onewheel accessories

One of our favorites is the Kush Wide, made by The Float Life and another is the Craft & Ride Air Pad. Or for individuals with larger size feet, the GT Flat Kick Footpads for the Onewheel GT is a great choice.

Looking for even more comfort? The Squishy Pads from 1WheelParts, are Onewheel footpads designed for unmatched comfort. Crafted using advanced UV3D printing with a patented resin, it maintains its form, squishiness and durability. This footpad combines the softness of memory foam with the strength of indestructible rubber.

Loved by riders all over the world The PlatySense by Land Surf is a single-zone sensor wide foot pad. This makes mounting more reliable (since both zones appear to the Onewheel to be activated) and this helps out immensely in everyday riding as well as rough terrain, curb drops and bonks. When you’re riding, the pad is like stock and to dismount, simply lift your heel from the front edge, or jump off or skid stomp. The PlatySense is available for XR and GT boards and works with all aftermarket rails too!



5. Onewheel Foot Hooks

Flight Fins really deserve a category of their own as they are an accessory that opens up an entirely new world of possibilities when it comes to tricks you can do on your Onewheel. These rubber blocks attach to your Onewheel and hook over your feet. This means that you can now perform jumps, easier curb nudges and mess around doing other tricks with your Onewheel.

Jump, twist and do anything you can imagine with a way to keep your feet on the board. They attach to their own versions of a Onewheel fender and are available for the Pint, Onewheel XR and the Onewheel GT. 

Most recently we have seen people get even bigger air when going over ramps or dirt jumps with the Overlander Lifters. These titanium lifters bolt on to the front and back bumpers and the wider foot placement make it great for stability and sending it on jumps. Just make sure to take a video and tag us!!

We are also now seeing Control Freaks / Joe Hooks these hooks that attach to the foot pads and keep you locked in when riding trails, racing or digging in to corners. These are  created by community riders. Support these small businesses and follow their IG pages for the latest updates on release dates.



6. Onewheel Grip Tape

You can also customize your footpads even more by changing the grip tape. The ideal grip tape should offer a balance between securely anchoring your shoes to the board and allowing foot adjustments when necessary.

For a fully customized grip tape, Craft and Ride provides an online tool for creating fully personalized grip tape designs. Additionally, FluxSkinz offers the ability to print do-it-yourself designs onto grip tapes, leading to exceptionally unique board designs that showcase individual creativity. Companies like This Fun Wheel have super cool designs already printed on quality Craft and Ride grip tape. For best foot engagement and to keep your grip tape looking fresh, you’re gonna need a brush or eraser to keep your grip tape grippy and looking drippy!

If you are seeking a more budget-friendly alternative, consider the Vicious Grip Tape available on Amazon. While reasonably priced, it still offers quality performance. And if you’re searching for even greater grip enhancement, The Float Life introduced Gripples. These adhesive grip enhancers can be positioned on top of your existing grip tape, catering to your specific foot placement.

ProRide makes a foot pad for the Onewheel GT, merging a surf-style traction grip with concave on the rear foot pad. This offers a comfortable and confident ride with a reliable diamond grip design tested across all conditions, enhancing board control and reducing foot fatigue.



7. Onewheel Bumpers

Getting out onto trails and trying cool tricks and jumps is kind of the entire point when it comes to the Onewheel. But all of that fun off roading or time spent learning how to jump and do different tricks can take a toll on your stock Onewheel bumpers.

We think the scratches, bumps, and dents are all part of the charm, but we also like to protect our boards as much as possible from cracks and breaks. 

With the most popular choice, the B.A.N.G Bumpers by The Float Life or the Bash Bumpers by Land Surf, keep your nose sliding and nose dragging. Yeeeew! Pro Tip: Check out the Blem section on The Float Life website to score some deals on bumpers with minor blemishes. They’re going to get scratched up, so might as well get a discounted price.



These plastic pieces fit on the bottom of the board underneath each footpad. Replacing these are almost as simple as the fender, which is good because you’ll likely be replacing these a couple of times.

Not only can they add a nice pop of color to your Onewheel, but that beating the bumpers take so your board doesn’t have to end up wearing down the plastic. Most people swap out the bumpers only when they break, but it’s an easy enough replacement in case you are the type that wants to make sure you always have a fresh looking board.

Now… Have you ever been floating along in your flow state and the next thing you know, BAM!!! The front of your board has dipped down and comes to an abrupt halt as you scrape plastic against the ground. What happens next?

Well, thanks to physics class we know that the added friction is going to cause you to slow down suddenly, possibly coming to a stop. Or more accurately, your board will come to a stop. You, however, will not stop. Not for a few more feet anyway.

Land Surf has developed Fangs, bumpers with wheels for the Onewheel. These bumpers are designed with the new Onewheel owner in mind, helping with nosedive mitigation (or to help you with nose drags). These are little tiny wheels that sit up by your front bumper and can help you recover from those moments where you might otherwise get an up-close and personal lesson about Newton’s first law of motion.

Sonnywheel also has developed their own set of bumper wheels, called The Slider. The Slider is a steel frame that sits on the front of the board and holds two wheels. The wheels are slightly bigger and more visible than the Fangs, but The Slider can also double as another handle, which is a nice bonus feature.

Products like Fangs and Sliders are ideal for new Onewheel owners who are just beginning to learn how to ride, although many long-time riders will also enjoy exploring everything they can do with a set of nose wheels. And remember, even with products like this installed, it doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to ride out every nose dive situation. Keep that helmet on!

If you don’t want to spend that kind of money to replace your Onewheel bumpers you can always purchase Float Plates. They screw onto the bottom of the board covering your stock Onewheel bumpers, and they are made to protect your board as well as slicker material for smoother nose/tail slides, if you dare. If concerned about the added weight, don’t be. They barely add any additional weight to the board.

8. Extended Batteries

If you like going on long rides without having to carry your charger, you’ll likely look into a battery upgrades and you’re in luck! Chi Battery Systems makes some of the best-extended batteries around for the Onewheel. The CBXR is meant to be used with, of course, the Onewheel XR and offers a range of 32-38 miles under ideal conditions (assuming a 200 lb rider). 

If you have a Onewheel GT, they have the CBGT, which claims 6.25% more capacity than your stock battery and the ability to output more power than the stock battery. They also have an extended battery for the original Onewheel Pint.

Please note: Onewheel GT boards with hardware and firmware 6407/6132 not confirmed working yet. We do not recommend purchasing until it is confirmed. 

Neither of these batteries adds a ton of extra weight to your Onewheel but we do recommend utilizing your local repair shop to install this upgrade. Check out ERide Repair Network to find a shop near you.

A dead Onewheel makes everyone sad. And having an extended battery does no good if you don’t have a proper charger. You have your basic home charger and even car chargers, which takes about 4 hours to charge a Onewheel… The Onewheel hypercharger will cut the charge time to 90 minutes!!

9. Stands & Holders

There are a variety of options when it comes to storing your Onewheel. The GT Stand or the Deep Shack allows you to store your Onewheel vertically so that it’s not taking up too much space in your garage, living room, bathroom, whatever. Don’t want to store your Onewheel vertically? The Side Stand is here for you.

But what if you’d like to display your Onewheel like a piece of art on the wall… Couple of companies are making this happen with wall mounts that allow for you to easily prop your Onewheel on the wall. Not to mention you will also be freeing up some space on the floor.



Bamboo Wall Mount


onewheel wall mount

Want to save some money and print one instead? Some individual online has provided all of the necessary files to 3D print your very own Onewheel XR stand in any color you like since you will be printing this one at home. Check out the link here to get the Free files for a 3D Printed Onewheel XR stand.

What about when you’re on the go? If you’ve ever tossed your Onewheel into the back of your car you probably heard it rolling around bumping into anything and everything back there. Enter the Car Holder, which is a weighted and rubberized system that keeps your Onewheel firmly in place. A milk crate will also do the job!

10. Safety Gear


The most important accessory, and the most hated, is the helmet. A quality made helmet should be the very next purchase you make after you acquire your Onewheel. I can’t tell ya how many times I’ve seen a helmet protect and protect fellow riders from serious head injuries. 

My recommendation is to buy a helmet that you love the look of so much that you want to wear it because it’s simply that cool. I’ve noticed at times that I forget I am wearing mine and walk around till someone reminds me. Guess it’s a good thing!!

There are different types of helmets for Onewheeling. Some have special tech like MIPS to help with crashes, some have more ventilation and others such as skate helmets are for slower impacts, better for tricks, but don’t cover your face. Full-face helmets protect your face, but can be heavier and block your view. They’re also more expensive.

MIPS is a safety system in some helmets that helps protect your brain from injuries during a fall. It’s good to get a new after taking a fall and definitely if you see a crack. Companies like Explore Thousand have excellent customer service and replace your cracked helmet with a new one. Hopefully that wont happen to you but helmets are meant to be replaced every 5-10 years and MIPS helmets at times aren’t much more expensive and totally worth it.

Here are some of our favorite Onewheel helmets:



Wrist Guards

Onewheel pro, Dave Stewart is no stranger to racing and possibly taking a fall. He knew the importance of high-quality safety gear and decided to create f(x)nction gear, specializing in making the best Onewheel wrist guards in the game. Extremely comfortable wrist guards you actually want to wear. These are serious wrist guards for serious riders.

Another popular choice for Onewheel riders are the Flexmeter wrist guards, with the double sided protection. These Flexmeter’s are made of great quality and easy to slide on or off. Check out some of the best wrist guards for Onewheel below as well as a cheaper alternative made by Hillbilly Wristguards. We’ve got them all and have survived some gnarly falls with them. Protect those wrists! Most of the time it is the first part of your body that hits the ground.

F(x)nction Gear

F(x)nction Gear


Elbow and Knee Pads

After securing a good helmet and a solid pair of wrist guards, the next essential safety gear to acquire are elbow and knee pads. It’s inevitable that during your float journey that you will experience a fall. This is why it’s important to gear up!

Most riders opt for soft and lightweight pads, which are the favored protective gear. They are looking for the adequate protection without compromising mobility and comfort.

A standout choice is the Triple Eight ExoSkin Knee Pads, as well as the matching Triple Eight ExoSkin Elbow Pads. These knee and elbow pads hold an exceptional reputation and rank among the top-rated pads options available. Crafted with high-density foam padding, they are flexible and comfortable even during longer rides.

For those who like a little dirt, a personal preference tends towards the knee brace style guards. This is a popular choice because of the ability to safeguard shins and knees, coupled with the convenience of easy removal.

The Scoyco presents a commendable alternative to the Leatt knee guards. Those seeking a cost-effective option would do well to consider a 4-piece set, which boasts some competitive prices on Amazon.

Body Protection

If you’re aiming to race competitively or ride trails hard, consider exploring padded garments or full-body armor. Companies like Lazyrolling by ARMORED offers clothing equipped with elbow, shoulder, and back protection. Another option is The Float Life’s padded flannel that has a Kevlar® fabric inner lining in the gear.

Putting on traditional protective pads can sometimes be a lengthy process and once on it may not look very appealing, ultimately lacking in the desired level of protection. With the convenience of the padded clothing (depending on the weather conditions of course) gearing up becomes super easy as well as comfortable and stylish safety wear.

YouFORM Pads

On the topic of body protection, the YouFORM Pads Moldable Slip In Hip Pad deserves attention. Designed to conform to your hip’s contour within minutes, this pad seamlessly molds with your body, comfort, and mobility needs, delivering ultimate safeguarding.

The origin of the YouFORM Pad is rooted in decades of experience within the medical foam and orthopedic sector, combined with a passion for extreme sports. The inventor and founder, Derek Wilson, is an enthusiastic Onewheel rider and has faced numerous impactful falls on his hip and decided to embark on a quest for enhanced hip protection. Check out his products and support another small business in the Onewheel community.

11. Miscellaneous Items

Onewheel handles are one of those accessories that just makes life easier. The Craft & Ride SilverHandle for Onewheel allows you to carry your board around, kind of like it’s a briefcase. It sits next to the wheel, so it’s out of sight and out of the way when not in use, but right there when you are ready to carry your board. some say it’s the only handle you’ll need to buy, as it will last forever. Some say it’s the only handle you’ll need to buy, as it will last forever. 

Another must have accessory is this flexible silicone plug that keeps your Onewheel charging port protected from dirt, debris, and moisture. They can be purchased directly from the Onewheel website, or you can also check out some of these 3D Printed Options that third party sellers are creating.

The Power Button covers are not a necessity but we certainly like em’ since the trails we ride in Florida are mostly sand and this sand seeps in between the crevasses of the power button, eventually making the button get stuck. This cheap fix works great, it is not permanent and you’re supporting a fellow floater that is making these custom buttons.

Want to add some spark to your Onewheel? Literally. Draggin’ Tails gives you loads of huge sparks every time you drop the tail – the Draggin’ Tail can add some fun flair to your ride experience. Works on the v1 Onewheel, Plus and XR boards. For Onewheel GT, check out these GT Street Sparks made by Fluid Theory.

Craft & Ride



Up above we’ve brought up tire protection and Armor Dilloz to guard against punctures and flats. But we can’t stress it enough, this stuff works! 

Have you gotten a screw or nail on your Onewheel tire? It happens… but with a good Onewheel tire sealant, you can pull it out and not lose any air as the sealant will fill in the hole. Unlike that spray can you might keep in your trunk, Armor Dilloz tire sealant is put into the tire before the puncture. This way if you pick up a nail or anything else that punctures your tire, the sealant is ready to go to work instantly. Your leak is fixed and you won’t be stuck having to call an Uber to come to take you home.

Armor Dilloz has several different types of sealants specifically made for your favorite devices. The red is specially made for the Onewheel, the Blue for a Scooter tire, and the Green for an EUC or E-Bike tire. They also make ArmorChilloz to keep the Onewheel GT cooled down.

When riding hard some have been experiencing overheating issues with their Onewheel GT’s and companies like LandSurf have produced the Stone Cold Chillers and The Float Life has the Cold Ones that is an easy DIY install. By utilizing these cooling accessories, you can expect improved performance, cooler temperatures and your board operating at its best, allowing you to enjoy more riding time and minimizing the need for frequent stops because your Onewheel overheated.

Riding hard comes obstacles that you’re gonna have to overcome. One way to do it is by “bonking” over it. A Onewheel bonk is like an Ollie on a skateboard. The more PSI generally gives more pop and these Bonk Rocks by Electric Stoke come super handy to practice at home or carry it around with you and bring it to the next group ride.

armor dilloz

Electric Stoke




But you don’t want to be carrying this bonk rock in your hands… Throw it in your TFL Rider Bag, along with your charger and you’re ready to float! Looking for something smaller?? Check out these other options, the Cross Body Sling Bag from Rider Bag or the OSBS Cross Body Bag, perfect to carry the essentials but large enough to fit a hyper charger. 

If you are traveling and need a bag for your Onewheel (air travelers may want to read this blog first) you can use the Craft & Ride Superow Bag or Future Motion makes a Onewheel backpack that fits the wheel.

For the night riders, Shred Lights makes some of the brightest lights that attach on to your wheel and can be easily removed for when you’re shredding during the day. We also really dig these wrist bands from Flux Mvmnt that change colors in lights and makes you be seen by others, plus they look pretty freakin cool!

What if you want to shred all day but you’re stuck at work? Tech Forums is here to save the day with their incredibly awesome mini Onewheel XR – a near-perfect replica of the real deal. Crafted from premium materials, this miniature marvel not only adds a touch of epicness to your desk space but also stands as a testament to its high-quality.

While Future Motion and 3D Printers do offer their own line of Onewheel Mini Kit, they simply can’t compete with the sheer awesomeness of the Tech Forums Mini Onewheel XR. This isn’t your typical Tech Deck finger skateboard; Prepare for a new standard of refinement – this is the epitome of high-end craftsmanship, not a run-of-the-mill plastic toy. It is an item you display on your desk, that you show all your Onewheel buddies when they come over and it’s even got lights!! We love ours and have been making fun videos for social media content.

12. Apparel

As you can see, there are a TON of options when it comes to accessorizing your Onewheel. But the best way to accessorize yourself and continue spreading the stoke is to wear some Float Gang merch. Our collection includes eye-catching graphic tees, stylish hats, cozy beanies, trendy jackets, and comfortable hoodies. If you haven’t had a chance to explore our shop, we invite you to browse our online store; there’s undoubtedly something that will resonate with you.

We also have much love for several other companies in the scene that have some great Onewheel apparel. WheelDead has been dropping some killer designs, Float Addicts has got the drip, Flux Mvmnt has timeless classics, Craft & Ride consistently releases impressive designs and The Float Life is always dropping some new heat. So go ahead and represent your love of the Onewheel, even when you can’t be on your Onewheel by shopping from these apparel brands!

Float Gang

flux mvmnt

wheel dead

float addicts

craft & ride



In wrapping up our journey through this guide of Onewheel accessories, we’ve embarked on a lengthy exploration of possibilities that you can upgrade your Onewheel. As you navigate the choices to personalize your Onewheel, remember that each accessory is a brushstroke on the canvas of your riding experience, transforming the already extraordinary Onewheel to the ultimate float machine. 

Let this guide be your companion, steering you through the expansion of options and making it easier for you to keep up to date with all of the new accessories coming out for your Onewheel. 

Catch you on the next ride!! 🤙🤙

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