Growing up, brothers Edgar and Erick knew one thing for certain: action sports are where it’s at. And what can we say? Some things never change!

These two rolled up on the Onewheel scene in 2018 in search of a hobby and instead, found a community like no other. As their passion for Onewheeling grew, the duo began organizing group rides. The Orlando Onewheel Group now has over 1,000 members from all over Central Florida who meet weekly to ride and vibe!

Turns out, Onewheeling was pretty freakin’ cool so, it was a total bummer when these two found out they couldn’t float 24/7. Determined to spread the stoke as often as possible, Float Gang was born! With Erick’s graphic design and Edgar’s public relation skills, it’s safe to say our brand is taking the Onewheel world by storm.

Float Gang is more than just a clothing line-it’s a lifestyle. We know how dull it gets running errands, going to work, or doing just about anything other than riding. But don’t sweat it! We’ve got your back! (Literally. Check out our t-shirts!)

Whether you’re shredding trails or cruising the street, Float Gang will keep you feeling floaty all day long. So take flight friends! We’ll see you on the next ride!

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