Carry Float Gang In Your Shop

Onewheeling is the fastest growing board sport in the world right now, with competitions, festivals and a thriving global community of enthusiasts. At the forefront of this trend is Float Gang crafting top-tier designs tailored specifically for Onewheel riders. The key to this success is the ability to showcase the user’s passion for riding a Onewheel through these unique designs and quality blanks.

Download the Catalog

Click below to download our Wholesale Catalog. It details our available products, design library, garment quality and more. All of our items will be individually wrapped and labeled for your inventory convenience.

Social Proof and a Loyal Community

One thing a Onewheeler loves more than riding Onewheel is recording a good video or taking pictures, and our inbox is filled daily with customer’s posts showcasing their new swag on social media. Below are just a small sample of the “gang gang” wearing their merch.