Whether you are thinking of buying a Onewheel and want to try it out or if you’re an experienced Floater searching for a Onewheel rental while in town, Float Gang has you covered with a rental.

As Orlando’s first and only Onewheel rental service our fleet includes the Onewheel Pint, Onewheel XR (stock) and a Onewheel CBXR (modified). All rentals include a helmet, a pair of wrist guards, charger and a 15-20 min basic lesson on how to ride and maneuver the Onewheel. Before parting ways our team will make sure you are confident and ready to shred.

Onewheel™ Pint

The smaller and more compact Onewheel™ Pint is great for smaller riders, kids or to go on a short ride. While it has a nimble agile handling and lighter in weight, it lacks battery range getting 6-8 miles per charge, less foot space and not a comfortable ride when going off road.

Onewheel+ XR™

This stock Onewheel™ XR makes the perfect board for someone looking to rent before they buy. The Onewheel™ XR has a range of 12-18 miles and will go 20 mph. Equipped with a purple Craft & Ride magnetic fender you can choose to ride with the fender attached or topless without the fender.

Onewheel+ XR™ (CBXR)

This highly modified Onewheel+ XR™ is powered by a CBXR battery giving you double range and maximum torque. In addition this Onewheel™ is also equipped with a treaded Hoosier tire, concave foot pads, Land Surf fangs, Float Life float plates and the optional Flight Fins. Not for the faint of heart.

Onewheel™ Pint and Onewheel™ XR

Want to try both of the Onewheel™ models and see the difference between the Onewheel™ XR and the Pint? Then this bundle is for you! This package deal makes for a great outing with the kids, a day date with your partner or deciding which Onewheel™ is best for you before making a purchase.

Concerned about safety and your personal liability?

Rentals are processed through FriendWithA. This peer to peer rental service provides a payment portal, insurance and liability coverage for both parties providing safety and a seamless rental process. 

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