Whether you are thinking of buying a Onewheel™ and want to try it out first, or if you’re an experienced Floater searching for a Onewheel™ rental while in town, Float Gang has you covered with a rental.

Ever since the Onewheel™ was announced on Kickstarter back in 2014, people have wanted to get their hands on one. But the high cost of entry is a barrier to many. Starting at $950, there are a lot of people out there who would be hesitant to spend that kind of money on something so new and unique even if it did look like an absolute blast. 

That’s where Onewheel™ rentals come into play! There’s no need to drop a grand or more on a device that you might have only ever seen in online videos, unless you’re lucky enough to have a friend in town that owns one or happened to see a stranger riding one out in the wild. Rent one of our Onewheels™, and try it before you buy.

You might also be visiting Orlando. We are a city known for our tourists after all, thanks to all of the theme parks, nearby beaches, and overall beautiful landscape. Traveling with your Onewheel™ is certainly doable, but is it worth the hassle of lugging it around along with all of your other luggage? Probably not, especially if you don’t have specific plans to ride while on vacation, or might only need it for a day or two. Save yourself the stress, and leave your Onewheel™ at home and rent one of ours to enjoy on your vacation!

As Orlando’s first and only Onewheel™ rental service, our fleet includes the Onewheel™ Pint, Onewheel™ XR (stock) and a Onewheel™ CBXR (modified). All rentals include a helmet, a pair of wrist guards, charger and a 15-20 min basic lesson on how to ride and maneuver the Onewheel™. Before parting ways our team will make sure you are confident and ready to shred.

Onewheel Pint

The smaller and more compact Onewheel™ Pint is great for smaller riders, kids or to go on a short ride. While it has a nimble agile handling and is lighter in weight, it lacks battery range only getting 6-8 miles per charge, has less foot space, and is not a comfortable ride when going off-road.

Onewheel+ XR

This stock Onewheel™ XR makes the perfect board for someone looking to rent before they buy. The Onewheel™ XR has a range of 12-18 miles and will go 20 mph. Equipped with a purple Craft & Ride magnetic fender you can choose to ride with the fender attached or topless without the fender.

Onewheel+ XR (CBXR)

This highly modified Onewheel+ XR™ is powered by a CBXR battery giving you double the range and maximum torque. In addition, this Onewheel™ is also equipped with a treaded Hoosier tire, concave foot pads, Land Surf fangs, Float Life float plates and the optional Flight Fins. Not for the faint of heart.

Onewheel Pint and Onewheel XR

Want to try both of the Onewheel™ models and see the difference between the Onewheel™ XR and the Pint? Then this bundle is for you! This package deal makes for a great outing with the kids, a day date with your partner or deciding which Onewheel™ is best for you before making a purchase.

Three Options To Choose From

Onewheel™ is all about customization and options. While it’s impossible to be able to replicate that during your rental, we have three options you can choose from. And each include some different customization options.

The Onewheel™ Pint is a great starting option for anyone who is new to the Onewheel™ experience, is on the smaller side, or is just looking to enjoy a casual ride or fun commute. The Pints are smaller and weigh less than the bigger XR, making transporting these much easier. And the Simplestop dismount technology is great for those individuals who have never ridden before. But the smaller size does have some potential drawbacks, namely a smaller range of distance and a slower top speed.

The Onewheel™ XR improves on both of the drawbacks to the Pint, with double the range on a single charge, and a higher top speed. The bigger size also makes the XR a better option to hit the trails, do big tricks, and explore the unknown. We have two different types of Onewheel™ XR’s to choose from: the stock model, and the super modded CBXR.

The stock option is pretty much exactly how the XR would come to you if you were to buy it brand new rather than rent. Although, even our “stock” model does have one tiny modification to it. A Craft & Ride magnetic fender which can help keep dirt and other nasty stuff off of your shoes and pant legs. Being magnetic though, you can easily remove the fender if you want to go au naturel.

The CBXR option takes the mods to a brand new level! It starts with a CBXR battery, the original battery upgrade for the Onewheel™ XR. This takes the standard range of 12-18 miles, and boosts that to a mind-bending 32-38 mile range! It should be noted that these ranges are estimates based off of a 200 lb. rider in ideal conditions. Many different factors can have an impact on the range, from your weight to how much air is in the tire. But still, you’re getting nearly 3x the range with the CBXR battery!

That’s not all. You also get the treaded Hoosier tire for better off-road stability; Concave foot pads for added control and comfort during those longer rides; Land Surf fangs, which are bumper wheels that allow you to perform unique tricks with the Onewheel™ (and also not go flying when the nose of your board hits the pavement); Float Life float plates that not only look great, but also help you hit slides and other tricks; and if you really want to get crazy, you can add in the optional Flight Fins and take your ride into the air.

Concerned about safety and your personal liability?

Rentals are processed through FriendWithA. This peer to peer rental service provides a payment portal, insurance and liability coverage for both parties providing safety and a seamless rental process.

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