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Top Places to Float in Orlando

We love our Onewheel, this wonderful device that is so versatile and fun.

These EV bundles of joy are perfect for so many different occasions. What other device can get you out of the house for hours of entertainment on a weekend, and also make your daily commute just a little bit less awful?

When you first get your Onewheel, there are so many different things to try. First, you have to learn how to ride the dang thing. Then there will probably be some tricks that you’ll spend several hours, days, and weeks learning and perfecting.

You’ll also of course be spending time customizing your Onewheel, adding on new footpads, rails, fenders, and anything else to make the board not only stand out in a crowd but ride the way that YOU want it to.

And eventually, you’re going to want to bust out of your comfort zone and start finding some good places to go for a ride.


What makes a spot a great place to float?

For one, you want some interesting scenery. You want to get out of your neighborhood and cruise through some nice parts of town. Or get away from civilization and hit some trails.

Different terrain might also be key. Your Onewheel is designed to work on several different types of terrain, so why should you always limit yourself to the sidewalk? The Onewheel works great on dirt, grass, and even some sand.

And if you’re going to be out for a long time, you’ll need to consider the charge of your Onewheel.

There are a ton of factors that determine how far you can go on a single charge, starting with the model you have. On the Onewheel website, they claim the Pint has a range of 6-8 miles, and the XR a range of 12-18 miles. But those numbers can also be affected by the terrain you’re riding on, your weight, the PSI of your tire, and a ton of other factors.

It’s always a good idea to have a charger with you, and if you plan on going for a long ride, make sure there is a spot where you can stop and charge up. You don’t want to be stranded miles away from your car and be doing the walk of shame.

With all of that said, let’s go ahead and dive into some of the great areas to float in and around Orlando. There are so many great trails in the Orlando area, it’s impossible to pick them all. But here are our favorite spots.



Cross Seminole Trail

This is fully paved 22-mile bicycle trail gives a nice, smooth ride. There’s incredible scenery, plenty of shade, and multiple trailheads with easy access to both get on the trail and find a place to charge during your ride.

This is a fantastic place to go for a day ride.



Orlando Urban Trail

Orlando Urban Trail

This is a scenic three-mile long stretch of paths known as the Orlando Urban Trail, and it runs right through Loch Haven, to Mead Gardens in Winter Park, or towards Downtown Orlando.

The Orlando Urban Trail has been called the “pine of Orlando’s trail network”. The majority of the trail is an off-street path, and connects to six different lakes, the Orlando Cultural Park, and the Gaston Edwards Trail, making this an ideal place for a day float.

Loch Haven Park

Loch Haven Park

Located just off of Princeton Street next to the Orlando Science Center and the Orlando Urban Trail, is the Loch Haven Cultural Park. There’s plenty to see in the 45-acre park which is tucked in between three different lakes, and plenty of space for you to enjoy riding on your Onewheel.

Plus, with the Orlando Urban Trail so close, Loch Haven Park is a natural place for you to start or end your ride.

Shingle Creek Trail (North)

Shingle Creek Trail (North)

This is a great paved bike trail down near I-drive, in case you want to mingle with all of the tourists. The trail starts at Eagle Nest Park, north of the Mall at Millenia, and runs south to Oak Ridge road.

Blue Jacket / Baldwin Park

This location has a little bit of everything. Large open fields that span across the borderlines of Baldwin Park, access to biking trails, and nearby charging spots in the downtown area.

Downtown Orlando Trail

Downtown Orlando

Floating through Downtown Orlando at night is tough to beat.

We recommend parking at Loch Haven Park, then heading south on the Urban Trail until you get to Downtown Orlando. Just be careful of the traffic ad remember to bring lights!



Maitland Community Park

Maitland Community Park

This is a great public park where you can go and shred the trail while staying in the cool shade of some beautiful trees. The 25-acre park offers plenty of space, a ½-mile walking path and 600-ft. boardwalk, plus restrooms and a concession stand.


Daytona Beach

Tiger Bay Forest

Tiger Bay Forest

Want to get off the paved paths, but not necessarily ready for a trail meant for true mountain bikes? Tiger Bay Forest in Daytona Beach is a great middle ground. It offers access to the Buncombe Hill trail, a short 1.9-mile dirt loop that is shaded the entire way, and an excellent choice for all skill level riders.


Altamonte Springs

Wekiva Trail

Seminole Wekiva Trail

The Seminole Wekiva Trail is a massive 14-mile paved trail with a wide path. It’s mostly covered by trees, offering that critical shade in the summer. And painted murals can be found along several miles.

Part of the trail, the section that runs west of I-4 to the county line at the Wekiva River, has been designated as part of the Florida National Scenic Trail, which connects Pensacola to the Big Cypress National Preserve near the Everglades.


Winter Park

Mead Garden

Mead Gardens Bike Trail

The Orlando Urban Trail ends here at the Mead Botanical Garden in Winter Park. There’s also a short bike path through the botanical gardens called the “Dinky Line,” a reference to the old rail line that the Orlando Urban Trail runs along.

Downtown Winter Park

Just like with Downtown Orlando, Downtown Winter Park is also a fantastic destination for some night rides. Park at the parking garage near Park Ave, and you’ll be able to enjoy riding through Park Avenue as well as the Rollins College campus.


Lake Nona

Laureate Park Bike Trail

Laureate Park Bike Trail

This is a nice, hidden spot that you’ll find behind some nearby homes.

It’s essentially a short bike and pedestrian trail, but it will offer a ton of variety for you Onewheel riders who want to experience a little bit of everything. There are paved bike paths, dirt trails, and even wooden boardwalks to explore.



Bike & Pedestrian Trails

Mostly made up of paved bike paths or board walks, this is a beautiful trail when you want to take in the natural beauty of the Sunshine State. Long, winding trails that bring you right up close with the natural wildlife and nearby waterways. Make sure you bring a camera!



Shingle Creek Trail (South)

Shingle Creek Trail (South)

This is the newest stretch of the Shingle Creek Trail, connecting Oak Ridge Road to Sand Lake Road and ultimately down to the Orange County Convention Center. Incredible views and a variety of dirt trails and wooden boardwalks make this a great day ride for riders of all skill levels.

Kissimmee Lake Front Park

Lake Front Park

This is a one-mile bike and pedestrian path with beautiful lakefront views. There are nearby picnic pavilions and large open grassy areas, with plenty of places to charge.


St. Cloud

St. Cloud Lake Front Park

Lake Front Park

Over in St. Cloud is another park right next to a gorgeous lake.

The St. Cloud park features a two-mile path around the lake, easy parking, and a small beach area to relax by. There are also convenient restrooms, places to charge, and opportunities to grab a snack during the day.



Wickham Park

This is a public county park with miles of winding Florida single track trails that bring you through pine flatwoods and sand. This is a great place for beginners, or anyone looking to enjoy a nice intermediate ride.


Winter Garden

West Orange Trail

West Orange Trails

This is a fully paved trail that stretches for 22 miles! There are four trailheads for you to choose from and plan your route by. This trail gets busy on the weekends, but it’s easy to see why.



Lake Louisa Trail

Lake Louisa State Park

Lake Louisa is a fantastic state park that feature a total of 20 miles of unpaved trails. Grab your Onewheel and wind through the rolling hills, near some lush cypress swamps, and enjoy the scrub forests.

Clermont Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park

If you’re in Clermont but aren’t ready for the unpaved trails of Lake Louisa State Park, head on down to Waterfront Park, which features a 5.2-mile paved trail that wraps around the lake, offering multiple scenic views. There are also plenty of charging spots, open grassy fields, and restrooms. Plus, there’s a place to grab food and drinks right there on site.



Historic Downtown Sanford

Maybe downtown areas are just a good spot to ride your Onewheel at night?

Just like with Downtown Orlando and Downtown Winter Park, Historic Downtown Sanford is a top choice for your next night ride. Park at Tuffy’s Bottleshop, then ride through Downtown Sanford heading towards the Riverwalk trail. Being a downtown location, there are plenty of spots to stop and charge up your Onewheel, and maybe grab a beer while you wait!



Spring-to-Spring Trail

Spring-to-Spring Trail

The Spring-to-Spring Trail is currently a series of several shorter segments that total nearly 15 miles stretching from Chuck Lennon Park south down to Lake Monroe. But when completed, the Spring-to-Spring Trail will be a 26-mile stretch of trails perfect for walkers, joggers, bicyclists, and yes… Onewheelers.

Several natural springs and parks line the trail, which already has five trailheads at DeBary Hall Historic Site, Gemini Springs Park, Lake Monroe Park, Lake Beresford Park, Blue Spring State Park, and along Grand Avenue in Glenwood.


Mount Dora

Mount Dora MTB

Mount Dora MTB Trail

If you’re looking for a little bit more of an adventurous ride, local mountain bike trails are the way to go. The Mount Dora MTB Trail features roughly 3 miles of beginner and intermediate trails, and an additional 2 miles of trails that will give you more of a challenge. Plus there’s also a skills park at the entrance.



Soldiers Creek MTB

Soldiers Creek MTB Trail

While not as long as some other locations, this one-mile trail is a tricky and winding blue single track trail that loops around. There are plenty of parking spots, but no place to charge. So keep an eye on your battery life before starting another loop!



Little Big Econ MTB Trail

If you want to get to the heart of Florida’s nature, this is the trail for you. We’re talking miles of scenic Florida nature views with multi-use single track trails from beginner to advanced. These trails run along the river and through the woods, so there’s always something interesting nearby to enjoy.



Santos MTB

Santos MTB Trail

Over 60 (yes, 60!) miles of trails can be found here. The numerous trails offer something for everyone from beginners to advanced riders. There are three major trailheads to plan around, with bathrooms and pavilions on site.



Alafia MTB

Alafia MTB Trail

In our opinion, the Alafia MTB Trail offers some of the best Onewheel trail riding in Florida. However per Park Rangers electric vehicles such as EUC’s and Onewheels are currently banned from riding on the trails. We must advocate for Onewheel to be allowed on the FL state park Mountain biking trails. Sign the petition Here

Riders beware! Ride at your own risk.



Fort Fraser Trail

Running parallel to US 98 between Bartow and Lakeland, the Fort Fraser Trail winds along an urban greenway, seamlessly connecting with the enchanting Circle B Bar Reserve. Spanning approximately 7.75 miles, this scenic trail invites you on a delightful journey immersed in the wonders of nature. Take advantage of rest areas and scenic viewpoints along the way, ensuring a truly enjoyable experience for all who venture onto the Fort Fraser Trail.


Loyce E. Harpe Park MTB

Loyce E. Harpe Park MTB Trails

Enjoy the forest with this 13-mile single track trail that is great for riders of all skill levels. Formerly known as Carter Road, the Loyce E. Harpe Park MTB Trails are a fantastic place to get out and float.



There are many great places to float in Orlando and throughout the Central Florida area. Feel free to try any of these, or discover your own favorite places.

If you want to look good while you’re out exploring all that Orlando has to offer to us Onewheelers, stock up on some great gear from our Float Gang store!


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