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How to Rent a Onewheel in Orlando

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Commitment is tough – we get it. With a Onewheel costing anywhere from $1800 – $2200, it’s no wonder everyone is asking: Can I rent a Onewheel before I make a purchase?

Well, we’ve got your answer: Orlando Onewheel RENTALS!

As Orlando’s first Onewheel rental service, Orlando Onewheel offers the opportunity to rent a Onewheel for a fraction of the buying cost. Whether its for a single day or an entire week, you’ll be stoked to find that every rental includes:

  • Different Onewheel models to choose from Onewheel XR and Onewheel GT
  • Safety gear for renter, including a helmet and wrist guards
  • A charger to throw in your backpack for maximum ride time
  • A mini riding lesson from an experienced rider

The team behind Orlando Onewheel Rentals will make sure you are confident and ready to shred. 

Concerned about safety and your personal liability? Onewheel Rentals are processed through FriendWithA. This peer to peer rental service provides a payment portal, insurance and liability coverage for both parties providing safety and a seamless rental process.

Whether you’re riding the paved path around Orlando or floating around your favorite trails, you’re bound to fall in love with the float life!

Now keep in mind, Orlando Onewheel Rentals isn’t just for first time floaters! 

We know what you’re thinking. I already have a Onewheel. Why would I want to rent one?

Well perhaps you own a Onewheel are here in Orlando for travel or you own an older Onewheel model and are thinking about upgrading. 

Orlando Onewheel Rentals has different options you can choose from before you dish out all that money for an upgrade or when you’re in town so you don’t miss our next group ride! 

Now go on rent a Onewheel today give that baby a test ride to make sure its worth the investment (spoiler alert: it’s worth while). 

Check out Orlando Onewheel Rentals for more information!


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